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Hydraulic Logging Grapple














    This logging grapple was built for use in land clearing operations. It attaches to the three point hitch of our tractor and uses the auxiliary hydraulic hook up for power. When we first started looking at ways to close the clamp, we looked at many different ways of closing the clamp. To visualize the motion, I built several assemblies in Solid Edge. With that we were able to evaluate the different methods and choose the best design.

    In the field the grapple has proven itself as an effective and efficient means of transporting long logs out of woods and through many different ground conditions. For logs up to 16-24 inches in diameter and 12-20 feet long, in many cases we are able to pick them up right off of the ground. This keeps them out of the mud and makes the logs easier to work with in the sawmill. This ability to pick up the logs up off of the ground has proven extremely helpful in cutting the logs into firewood length for splitting in the firewood processor. 




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