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Side Businesses and Investment Experience

    I am always scanning the horizon for opportunities. Through the years, I have been able to operate several small side businesses that have produced excellent returns and have provided me a great deal of insight and business experience.

    I started investing in the stock market December 2003. I was 18 years old and figured I would give it a shot. In the past 3 1/2 years, I have been able to build up a solid portfolio of stocks and bonds while averaging a 13% compound annual return. During this period, I learned the true meaning of "You win some, You lose some." The stock market can be a very volatile unpredictable beast. In the beginning, when a stock would make a significant move up or down I would be pulling my hair out wondering whether or not I should sell or buy. I have owned stocks that have dropped 75% in one day and others that practically doubled overnight and everything in between. The market can change directions on a dime and everyday you have to be prepared to accept whatever the market throws at you. There is no pause, restart, or rewind.

    I have done a great deal of machining for people on the side. I have made parts for tractors, cranes, heat treating furnaces, motorcycles, and many others. Most significantly though, I supply several local land development companies with replacement grapple and bucket pins for their excavators.

    In high school, I had the loudest car stereo system. It registered 148 decibels and could be heard easily from a half mile away. I utilized this reputation and began building custom speaker boxes and installing systems into peoples cars. When someone would ask me about getting a new speaker box, I would sit down with them and find out what they wanted. Then I would take that information, go home and draw the box up on AutoCAD and show the person a 3-D picture of the box. Utilizing another software program, I was able to determine the proper volumes and explain to people where the dimensions came from. I sold around 18 custom boxes and on each one more than tripled my investment while still selling them at a 50% discount to the big car audio stores.



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