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1200 Ton Cold Extrusion Press

    This press was built for Whitesell Corporation. The press is essentially a modified plastic injection molding machine put onto a new tank and adapted to produce cold extrusion parts. I worked on a small project team for Whitesell to build this machine, and have been involved in the building of three others in the past. This one is the largest we have built, the biggest before was a 800 ton machine. This added power raised questions about the strength of several elements of the machine and I provided engineering support to determine what needed to be stronger and made recommendations based on the results. I utilized finite element analysis to determine how thick the platinums needed to be to minimize deflection and maintain reliability over time. I also performed some hydraulic analysis to determine the required return pipe diameter to maintain the level of fluid in the pre-fill tank, which goes above the main cylinder and is not shown on the pictures above.

    To the left are just a few of the parts that I machined for the project. The bigger pieces are the pump mounts. In the middle is the plunger for a custom hydraulic cylinder. The other pieces are replaceable threaded inserts.





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