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Fairchild Tool / Whitesell Corporation   

   I started working for Fairchild Tool Corporation in 1997. The company was bought out by Whitesell Corporation January 2006 and they moved the operations to Alabama in July 2006. I started out as a maintenance assistant and floor sweeper. About two years after I started, I was given an opportunity to work in the grinding department where I worked for about a year. The next step was the lathe department where I worked and for the past four years was the head of until the end.

    Our main products were spindles for the mobile home industry, a variety of large pins and studs. The company was tooled to make over 400 different parts that ranged from 3/4 inch diameter to 4 inch diameter and lengths between 1 and 24 inches.

    Working for this company was a great experience because it was not simply a manufacturing facility. The company designed and built almost all of the machinery and tooling it used. I was involved in the building of several of the main extrusion presses along with a few of the drilling stations and a host of other machines. I have gained significant hands on experience in the assembly and design of these machines.

























Shop Skills:

    Lathe, Mill Operating

    O.D., I.D., Surface, and Rotary Grinding

    Arc Welding, Brazing, Oxy-Acetylene Torches, Soldering

    Preventative maintenance and Troubleshooting

    Licensed Forklift operator / Shipping and Receiving Experience



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